It’s colder than you think out there…

In December 2008 I was made redundant from what was a great job – the PR Director for the UK’s largest independent direct marketing group, TDMG. After a very merry Christmas (and I do mean a very merry Christmas) I decided I had two options; the first would be to sit back and watch daytime TV all day, or, I could go it alone. Well, I chose the latter and almost a year on I’m still going it alone!

Back in January I had the energy and passion to become the next Richard Branson, in fact, I could see myself having lunch with Richard, or Rich to his friends:), Philip Green (Phil), Peter Jones (Pet) and Sir Alan Sugar (Big Al) – I’d pay for lunch of course!

Almost twelve months however, I don’t think I could even afford the entrance fee to get in to the places they go to eat – but, I do still have the energy and indeed the passion – the only difference is I don’t have the same expectations.

Today I am more realistic, yes I still think BIG, very big in fact. But then if you don’t aim high you will always hit the small times. Take a couple of weeks ago, I was sat in a client’s board room discussing an idea they had for an advertising campaign – their thoughts and wants were good, but their creativity was lacking – they won’t mind me saying that by the way, in fact they admitted it! Anyway, they said: “Jason, we want to do this, but don’t know how so over to you.”

A couple of weeks later I’m on a shoot filming a TV ad that I created…produced the story boards for and even wrote the scripts – brilliant! I even played casting director, which was fun:)

Anyway, my point is that back in the good old days I would of been celebrating with a host of colleagues, including the art director, creative director, account director and her whole team, because they would of all been involved in the making of what I like to call a great TV advert produced by one of the most creative minds in the business (I made that bit up by the way.) Yet, only twelve months on I’ve gone from being the PR Director with a great deal of team support to me, myself and I…team Kelly!

Being self employed can be lonely, stressful and very hard work, but the rewards are great, brilliant in fact. There are however, two important lessons that I have learnt. The first is when it comes to working for yourself it is either very good or very bad – there is no in-between. The second, well, that’s easy…give us a job:)

Oh by the way, if you want to, you can view two video clips from the TV ad shoot…you can even find out more about me, myself and I by using the following links:

About TJKA:
About Jason:
About TDMG:
Watch video clip from tv ad (Credits):
Watch video clip from tv ad (Garden):
Useable stills from shoot:

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  1. Cat says:

    I echo everything you say Jason but you missed out a BIG factor of working for yourself and that is you get to have FUN! And drink lots of coffee!

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