ARGH…It is and will continue to be one of those days!


here’s a little poem to explain..

Argh to the client who wants more for less

Argh to the client’s son who is being a pest

Argh to the supplier who lied about this…and then that

Argh to the colleague who’s off work because they’re still pissed

Argh to my laptop which is refusing to work

Argh to the parking attendant for going to work

Argh to the printer which keeps drinking all the ink

Argh to my mobile provider whose coverage is not as good as they think

Argh to the mobile salesman who said I should also buy this…

Argh to the newsdesk who didn’t print this

Argh to fellow twitters who can come up with better that this

Argh to the postman for going on strike

Argh to the receptionist who thinks she’s the boss

Argh to the civil servant who couldn’t give a toss

Argh to the MP who spent public money on a bird house and so did his boss

Argh to the birds who keep crapping on my car

Argh to cold callers who think they know what I need

Argh to stupid people who continue to breed

Argh to the shop assistants who act like they are better than that

Argh to consumers who have forgotten their manners

Argh to the store detective who thinks I’m the one

Argh to the police who think they are above the law

Argh to the tax man who cannot read

Argh to the person who scratched my car

Argh to the public sector worker who looks distant and far

Argh to women who can’t put the seat up when they are finished

Yes I know, I’m no poet…argh!

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