My client needs your help…well; in fact they need your opinion!

Pro-tect Communities will be launching a complete wireless DIY homecare system, which will offer monitored smoke and fire detection, panic alarm (home alone) and medical alarm and, intruder detection, as well as the option of a carbon monoxide detector – effectively 5 solutions in one! 

The system is designed as a DIY product because it is very easy to install –
Why not watch the following video:

Can you tell me what you think…

Your input would be very much appreciated and is very much needed so please spare a few moments to let me know what you think. 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. talktojason says:

    Me, myself and i think it is a great product. But then i would say that because Pro-tect Communities is my concept – the brand not the technology – and they are my client. But on the level, i do think this is a great piece of kit.

  2. Jason Redshaw says:

    Like the vid. The product seems a great idea – love the fact that my better half can do all the work.

  3. Lilly says:

    I think the idea of having monitored alerts all the time is a good thing. what’s better is that accordiing to the video your clients product only takes a very short time to install

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