#Maclaren I think it’s time to release your PR hounds to steam the backlash from parents, the media and bloggers!

Rebecca Smithers, consumer affairs correspondent @ the guardian

More than 15 families who claim their children were injured by fold-up pushchairs to take legal action

A group of UK parents today announced plans to sue the UK-based pushchair manufacturer Maclaren, claiming that their children‘s fingertips were severed by their fold-up buggies.

More than 15 families have sought legal advice amid allegations that the firm knew more than a year ago that its products had injured children.

Safety concerns came to light last month when the company, which has its UK base in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire, announced the recall of a million buggies in the US after 12 reports of children having parts of their fingers cut off.

Richard Langton, a partner with the law firm Russell, Jones and Walker, has gathered a dossier of claims against the buggy company by British parents and is urging Trading Standards to issue a full recall in the UK to stop any further injuries.

“Despite Maclaren’s claims that there is no issue with their products in the UK, I have seen and spoken to numerous parents now whose children have suffered a lifetime injury from using something that is specifically designed to be used for small children,” he said.

“Infants whose fingers are at risk of being fractured, crushed, or amputated in the UK deserve the same protection as those in America. Why are new buggies not being sold now with the same protective hinge covers and warning labels which are being provided in America? How many more children must suffer amputations before the UK authorities act?”

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