Some things we said good bye to in 2009

Remember these’s?


The cassette tape (anyone got a pencil?)

The floppy disk (never had one :)

Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction (cough…splutter…gasp..the less said the better me thinks!)

The fax machine…beep, beep!

The language of Jawoyn

The French franc, the German mark and the Spanish peseta (got a box full as well:(

Woolworths high-street stores

Lehman Brothers

Printed maps

120% mortgages

Western Black Rhinoceros (will we ever learn!)

The polar ice caps…gulp!

Smoking in pubs…no longer smoke so no longer care

The labour party…wishful thinking, or better the devil you know?

Personal Cheques…mine always bounced back anyway


An oh yes… Hope!

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