Will perform like a laughing seal if that’s what it takes…

I was thinking what would be the best way to approach you and introduce my marketing and public relations freelancing services. On one hand I thought I would make contact in the manner of an American-styled sales hungry pit bull. Then I thought I should just approach you from a Please Sir/madam, I need some work angle. However, I then considered just saying Hello.  But then I wasn’t sure which approach would be best so I decided to use all three.

So here goes:

APPROACH 1: The non-sales pitch goes like this:

Hi, I’m Jason Kelly, an experienced marketing and public relations consultant with over fifteen years experience across the business-to-business and business-to-consumer sectors; I even have experience of the non-profit sector.

Up until 19th December 2008, I was the PR Director at TDMG, however, now I provide freelancing services to creative agencies and brands of all shapes and all sizes. I’m fee competitive and would really love to introduce myself to you personally and show you some examples of my work.

APPROACH 2: Okay, so here is the sales bit – are you ready? I’ve been rehearsing this so here goes:

Looking for an experienced marketing and public relations practitioner who has extensive knowledge of both the B2B and B2C sectors? Someone who can maintain your agency’s philosophy on service delivery and quality, but someone who understands that the world is currently in a recession so fees have to be competitive and practical, whilst still maintaining a high level of delivery and performance.  If yes, then you should be talking to Jason Kelly, the freelance consultant that shines!

Call 07588 749409, or email me to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

APPROACH 3: The desperate approach:

HELP! Father of four ‘very’ young children seeks freelance opportunities. Must feed children and put shoes on their feet. Must pay bills and be able to hold head up high! Please Sir, can you help?

I’m willing to work for less than average freelancing wage and will perform like a laughing seal if that’s what it takes – well, not really but you get the gist!

My fees are realistic and recession-focused. My experience covers over fifteen years across business-to-business, business-to-consumer and non-profit sectors. I’m very helpful, trustworthy and will work like a dog to impress – no honest, it’s true!

If any of these approaches have tugged at your heart strings, your wallet bubble wrap, or your grey matter then I would love to hear from you – pretty please :-)

Well there are the three approaches. I hope one of them worked and, I very much hope to hear from you.

Oh yes, almost forgot, why not visit my weblog: talktojason.wordpress.com, where you be able to find out more about me – you can also follow the Flickr link, which will take you to my online portfolio.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Cat says:

    You might be able to help me with a client that I have and you can definitely help me with another that I got today. Ring me tomorrow before 11am – or even better, come networking with me tomorrow lunchtime (young Thomas from Greens will be there) and I’ll tell you all about it.

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