Is it time the three UK main political parties brought in brand architects?

A recent article which appeared on page 3 of The Sunday Times (17/1/10) shows the #Conservatives have a 9 point lead ahead of #Labour in the polls, with the #Lib Dems only managing to secure 18 percent.

But when will all political parties understand that outward facing organisations – in any form – need to create and then protect a positive perception (brand value) to achieve their objectives.

In real terms the message being communicated is very important, but not as important as how you communicate it! Which by the way is not just verbally!

A prime example of bad – ill thought through practice frequently demonstrated by MP’s is to just remove their ties when they wish to come across as cool! I would think this would be as cool as having your Wranger wearing Dad at your school disco!

Politics is about politics, but wanting people to buy into something is about perception. The politics starts when you win!… Sent via 07588 749409

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