Midlife crisis…I can’t afford one of those!

I treated myself to a copy of this month’s #GQ magazine (Feb’10) to see how the other half live! Whilst reading through pages and pages of must buys – shirts for only £150!? And suits for as little as £1400!?! I came across an interesting article written by #Tony Parson (page 68) entitled: ‘The midlife crisis is a myth.’

The narrative centres on the ‘midlife crisis’ is as clichéd as the men it mocks. Mastering maturity means casting aside the baggage of youth, focusing on the things that matter – and keeping your dreams alive – giving yourself me time. That’s called – for once in your life – doing something exactly what you feel like doing.

I read the article with interest and agree with Tony Parson’s view. But it did get me thinking though. When it comes to me having a midlife crisis will I be able to afford one?

The country is in a mess, which the economists are proclaiming from their gold-plated desks will take a long-time to balance their books…sorry, the country’s books. Since December 2008 – yep, you read it correctly, 2008… the year I was made redundant, I’ve been trying to keep the wolves from the door the best I can. This period of my life has shown me that I am very, very creative when it comes to public relations and marketing fulfilment, or as I prefer to call it: brand architecture, to support other peoples’ business dreams and needs. Yet, this period of time has also shown me that I’m terrible at establishing my own – Richard Branson I’m not. It’s worth noting when I was starting out in life I proclaimed to the world that “I Jason Kelly, will become the next #Richard Branson!

So, as the world seems to pass me by and with four beautiful young children to parent I’ve started to consider the future – my future and theirs. University fees, marriages – I have three girls – help with those little financial situations. With all this to look forward to could I really afford the pleasure of a midlife crisis? When I hit 50 will I be able to change the Seat Alhambra (7-seater people carrier – I would like to state it has a turbo injection engine :) for a Harley-Davidson, or a 2-seater sporty number?

I do have a plan ‘A’ and a plan ‘B’. Plan A would be to land that perfect position within an established agency. Plan B would be to set up my own brand architectural agency – the best creative agency in the UK no less – in the event that dream job doesn’t materialise. Like Tony states in his article: “Keeping your dreams alive.”

If I was as good as creating a brand identity for #Jason Kelly, as I am for other businesses and organisations then the Alhambra (with the turbo injection engine) would be parked next to my Harley-Davidson, and my Bentley!

For now however, I need to consider how undignified I will enter the ‘mature generation.’ Yep, this year I hit the big ‘40’ – March 29th in case anyone fancied starting a collection to help me fund my midlife crisis!


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  1. lackofmidlifecrisis says:

    Man I am so here. I have three kids, a wife and one income. So at this rate I may have to postpone my mid-life crisis to my next lifetime. Although I am 42, for the last two years I have been questioning whose life I have really been living, cause this is not what I planned. As I hit 50 I can see the expenses already … and while I like the idea of not letting dreams die, I think it can equally be demoralising aiming for things that are not realistic. It is funny when you are young you swear to not find yourself in the position you now find yourself in … and of course there is no easy way to move on. So for me the Australian version of an Alhambra is going nowhere soon! :)

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