Another good week..:)

Well a nice end to a good week – a lot has been achieved and, a lot of activity to plan for; including a new strategy going forward, which will start as from Monday. Let’s hope…no…confidence is required, so let me say: “Monday will be the start of goods things.”

I know this because of my new state-of-mind! You see on 1st january i told myself i would continue not to smoke (twelve months and counting) and, that i would give up drinking for 2010 (stupid rule!) I also told myself that i will workout 3 times a week and watch less telly; instead i will read more! So far so good.

The real reason for my ‘new’ state-of-mind? Well this year i reach the 30-10. Yep, i will be 40:(

Well, have a good weekend all and see you Monday.

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