What makes a brand…do you know?

I’ve been researching the topic of brands – what makes one, what it takes to protect one and what the future holds for brands in this consumer journalistic world.

The research is for a new weblog I have in the pipe line – won’t spill the beans just yet, but if the concept works then it should be an excellent blog site – well I’m hoping so. Anyway, back to the point, which is that the blog I’m putting together involves obtaining viewpoints from both sides on the camp; brand architects and consumers. I’ve already started to approach those involved in creating brands – don’t worry if you haven’t got your invite yet – it’s on its way – as well as those whose aspirations support positive brand perception and, those whose jobs and futures depend on positive brand interpretation by the consumer.

It did strike me though that a lot of people don’t really understand the concept of a brand, not alone what goes into creating one and then protecting it! What surprises me more however, is the lack of brand knowledge within the creative sector (pr’s, marketers and designers). A good example is when you ask some – not all – designers what they think a brand is; they will more than likely answer: a logo…possibly a strap-line to boot! I’ve even witnessed blank expressions on the faces of people I have worked with when discussing a client’s brand policy.

So it begs the question: “how many of us really understand what a brand is?” I do, which is why I’m sat here typing this blog with a very smug look on my face :) Well, I say I do, but let’s see: A brand is the ethos which surrounds a product, service or an individual, which is perceived to offer a ‘value’ (quality, trust, hope, etc) to the ‘follower’ (consumer or supporter). How did I do?

Although the blog I’m writing will depend very much on the viewpoints I get back from brand experts, it would also be very helpful if you could contribute to this blog by providing your thoughts – do you specialise in brand architecture? Is there a brand strategy that you think all others should follow? What would you say a brand needs to adopt to protect positive perception? I would really like to know and would be grateful to any suggestions.

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