My kitchen has become the boardroom!

Came across this blog and decided it wouldn’t hurt to upload again – lazy i know…sorry:)

A while ago I was sitting behind my desk carrying out my duties as the public relations director for the UK’s largest independent direct marketing group, TDMG. Four months on however, I’m now sitting at my kitchen table – also known as the boardroom – writing this article about going it alone.

With four young children and as someone with the boredom fresh hold of a hyperactive child, I couldn’t just sit still waiting for the job offers to coming knocking at the door. So instead of resigning myself to a daily ritual of watching The Jeremy Kyle Show, I decided to get up, brush off the redundancy dust and go it alone.

As a marketer and pr practitioner of over fifteen years, I have in the past written about and, often lectured my team on the differences between traditional-based public relations and marketing agencies and, integrated creative communications companies – more importantly, the difference between the lack of results and creativity often associated with traditional-based agencies, and the performance-led, fully creative-based approach generated by integrated companies.

Because of this philosophy and of course my hyperactive child mentality I went freelance. I provided a fully integrated creative communications offering to business-to-business, business-to-consumer and to the third-sector. So far, I have to say I’m very impressed with the goals achieved – both in relation to my clients’ needs and my own.

I put the my success (touch wood) down to the assortment of services that I am able to offer my clients, which include traditional and digital pr, marketing, brand architecture, strategic planning, creative delivery and marketing engagement programmes; all of which are tailored to accommodate my clients’ individual needs (that was the sales bit by the way)! I of course don’t pat myself on the back for my current success – certainly not! Well okay I do a little bit, well a lot actually. Anyway, my point is for something to succeed, particularly in this climate, it has to be flexible, creative, results focused and very well thought through, no matter how small or large your plan is.  

So yes, my kitchen table is my new boardroom and my living room has become the big ideas room/reception area. And, although I no longer have a team in place to help deliver on client accounts, I can wholeheartedly say goodbye The Jeremy Kyle Show and hello to food in the fridge; roof over head and shoes on my feet – a nice feeling.  So far so good!?!

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