David Cameron campaign poster…

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David Cameron campaign poster
Cameron…the man loves himself too much!

A few weeks back the #Conservatives launched a new poster in advance of the impending General Election. It featured a picture of Tory leader David Cameron looking particularly smooth of forehead and cheek, the words “We can’t go on like this. I’ll cut the deficit, not the NHS”, and the Obama piggybacking slogan, “Year for Change.”


Many were quick to pour scorn on the poster and perhaps predictably, it was only a matter of time before numerous parodies of the poster began to surface. Under the slogan “Airbrushed for change”, the site mydavidcameron.com has been asking users to send their versions of the poster. Here we look at some of the best efforts.


In the past, such parodies were largely the preserve of billboard grafitti – which did still happen in this case. At the last general election in 2005 though, viral culture and user generated web content had not fully taken off. Now, it’s a major part of how information and ideas are exchanged. New videos, images and websites go viral every day – the #David Cameron parody is likely to be the first of many such political memes this election year.

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