Someone interviewed me about branding in the foodservice sector – the fool:)

Hands up if anyone can tell me the similarity between a secret recipe and a #brand proposition? Yep, they both need shouting about, whilst at the same time protecting! Well, at least this is what I told a food magazine who interviewed me about why brand proposition is essential should be food for thought.

Yep, that’s right I told the interviewer “a brand is as precious as a great dish to any restaurant, after all one gets customers coming back whilst the other states why they should visit your restaurant in the first place”.

I also added; “No matter what your product or service offering is the key to any business success is standing out from the crowd for the right reasons and then communicating the value of your offering and letting your customers understand who you are, what you have to offer and, more importantly, the ‘value’ of your offering”.

That was it…I couldn’t stop! You see I said to the interviewer: “The most important thing to remember about the word ‘brand’ is that it is not a product, service or organisation, but the ethos which surrounds it – in other words what the customer associates with your restaurant. This could be great food, great atmosphere, great service or even all three. Great brands are known and trusted. For example, if I asked you to name a cereal maker you will probably think of the name #Kellogg’s. Or if said name a soft drink you would more than likely say #Coca Cola, and the reason for thinking of these brands is because they are just that, brands”.

I was on a roll! ”Understanding your offering and the value associated with it is a good start, but then you need to communicate this understanding to your target audience, which is where public relations techniques come in to play; #Public relations is the art and, the science, in which to communicate a message to your existing customer base or desired target audience. Unlike some misunderstandings, #PR is not just about spending money on events, although events in its true form is another communication tool, but more about establishing the core message and then translating it in a way that your customers not only hear it, but more importantly understand it”.

I think at this point the journalist may have regretted calling me, but I was enjoying the audience so kept on talking:) “Remember like any other business it’s all about perception and how that perception is translated and ultimately perceived. #Restaurants, like any business need to develop a clear identity and communicate it in a way that people will remember, because like any brand the value will become identifiable and ultimately a trusted proposition. But like any brand identity its creation is only the start, because then you need to think about maintaining and protecting it, which is where creative marketing and PR techniques come into play once again”.

 I could see at this point that I was starting to get carried away, so decided to finish off the interview by adding: “There is no doubt like a lot of businesses, the foodservice sector is a highly competitive industry and only the brave, passionate and those with a determination to survive will stand half a chance. But the #foodservice sector like any other industry needs to embrace and use #creative #marketing and public relations techniques to introduce, maintain and protect a brand identity, which in turn ensures #footfall time and time again”. I couldn’t believe, the journalist said: “that’s brilliant…thank you very much for your time and I will send you out a copy when it goes to press.”

Sorry, but had this great urge to show off a little after someone, a  journalist asked me to make a comment and add to the feature he was working on – how cool is that:)

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