Business Link to nowhere!!!

What started off as a simple direct message request turned into an exercise of restraint, patients and ARGH!!!!!

I sent a direct message to Business Link via twitter asking them if they could tell me some much-needed information in relation to funding/grants for a new start-up i was considering, as well as details relating to ‘New Business’ support.

Within minutes of contacting them i got a response telling me to visit the Business Link website, which i did. When their homepage uploaded i was presented with lot’s of options and information, but i couldn’t find the answers to the two questions i had originally asked!

It was like they answer a question with a question! Or worse, made me play an online game of ‘We hide the information and you seek it…if you can!

I must state however, that i’m impressed with the speed of their response, the volume of information made available on the website, as well as the events designed to support businesses in Yorkshire. But, when you ask them for certain information why can’t they just tell you!?! Or why can’t the information you’re looking for be easily found on the site – i bet it’s not there:)

Anyway, rant over…i feel much better now. Don’t suppose anyone out their can help and point me in the right direction can they?

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  1. Vernon says:

    Hello Jason,

    The best thing to do is call Business Link Yorkshire on 08456 048048 and speak with a telephone adviser.

    Ask them if there are any grants or funding available. At least they can point you in the direction of any potential sources of funding.

    There is a decent set of workshops for people looking to set up a business – go to and select the starting a business programme under event type. There will be quite a few workshops to choose from.

    There is also a team of specialist new business advisers – call the number above and ask how to arrange to contact with one locally.

    Kind regards

    1. talktojason says:

      Hi Vernon

      Thank you very much again for taking the time to respond – very much appreciated.

      Kind regards


  2. James Cope says:

    Sorry you did not get the answers you were looking for immediately, I would suggest giving your local Business Link a call and speaking to one of the online/start up advisers. They are usually on hand to provide answers to specific questions and talk through any issues you have.

    Business Link for Yorkshire can be contacted on 08456 048 048.

    At the risk of providing yet another link, there is a grant directory on the Business Link site with a step process to determine if any grants available.

    Hope that helps, if not by all means get in touch.

    1. talktojason says:

      Hey James

      Likewise, thank you for your time and assistance – also greatly appreciated. I will try the suggestion you have tried, as well as those suggested by Vernon.

      Warm regards


  3. Andy Lamb says:

    Totally agree Jason. We have tried for a couple of years to engage with Business Link and its a website or a workshop…is usually an answer…normally about marketing..which I guess for someone like yourself is like sucking eggs…

    On it is FREE for any business to its not a bad message to pass on to local businesses…but it seems quite hard to get the message out :-(

    We will keep on trying though…

    1. talktojason says:

      Hey Andy

      Appreciate you taking the time to add a comment and provide a link to: – thank you!

      Have to say your view is spot on – it matches my experience so far. I phoned them as they suggested, but they mentioned I should do a business plan…ARGH!!! or going to the bank for a business loan!!! NOT HELPFUL AT!!!!

      Oh yes, don’t forget to talktojason if you ever need PR, marketing…brand architecture;)


  4. Hi Jason, thanks that’s very interesting insight. We have often been called in by clients who had a bad first initial experience with business link, although clearly some do have excellent help from them. I’d say it comes down to the quality of the advisor. Has the advisor long experience of running their own company and knowing what the difficulties and opportunities are, or have they just read about business in theory?

    Chris @ Do the Right Thing

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