Claire Beale’s article on advertising in today’s (22nd Feb) Independent

#Claire Beale on Advertising: Why the Redknapps make adland sick:

It is, of course, fabulously ridiculous. The image of golden glossy Louise and buffed hubby #Jamie Redknapp pouting and posing on a package holiday. And don’t they drool on about it. “We dream aboudit. We fantasise aboudit. We chill ouw on it.”

Fair enough, their package holiday is not like any you and I have ever been on. No check-in queues, disinterested tour reps wearing nylon, kids high on ice cream, cellulite and paunches on the sun loungers.

No, Jamie and Lou ride horses along the surf, play football barefoot in designer suits on deserted beaches, enjoy romantic dinners followed by energetic intercourse. But then this is packaged holidaying adland style.

And it’s one of the cheesiest, cliché-riddled, toe-curling commercials on TV at the moment. The creative sophisticates of the ad world find it execrable. But adland has a problem. Because it turns out this ad works rather well.

It’s part of a new campaign for #Thomas Cook by the agency Beta. And for every adlander that’s choked on their decaf skinny latte while watching this commercial, hundreds of real people have been handing their money over to #Thomas Cook in dreamy anticipation of vacationing like the lovely Redknapps. Just as the ad industry’s opprobrium for the campaign was in full flow, the national press was humming with headlines like “Thomas Cook Scores With Redknapp Factor” and “Jamie’s Hol in One” after the travel firm’s chief Manny Fontenla-Novoa credited the ad for a 15 per cent surge in sales.

Click here to read her full article

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