I love it!

I love what I do! I must do because it’s very early in the morning and I’ve already produced advertising copy x 3, completed a media strategy and supporting media statements; as well as currently working out new routes to market and putting together timelines to make sure all suppliers, and of course clients, are doing their bits – yep, account direction and management is also something else I love doing – you’d think with four young children and being a one-man-band I would hate all this work. But the truth is I really love it – I love watching media campaigns flourish, marketing programmes take route, and I love seeing my concepts achieving the objectives needed by my clients and also the agencies that I’m asked to deliver freelance work for.

I do however, limit my time nowadays! For example, I don’t work on Saturdays anymore, or Sundays; unless of course the client is in the thick of it, in which case weekends become part of the working week, but then, if it has to be done, then it has to be done. It’s also very rare that I find myself working late into the night. I’m either more relaxed in my approach, or a lot better at time management, and of course account management – I think I will go with the latter on that one:)

I can still remember my very first press release being published. It was only 144 words, but still, it was my first attempt and it got in to the newspaper I sent it to – great;) Thankfully however, I’ve come a long way since then I now find myself obtaining full-page and even four-page coverage, creating brand propositions and, even imputing and managing complete integrated marketing platforms; I’ve even helped to encourage the former Home Secretary, Jack Straw, MP, to announce the introduction of the Privacy Act, purely because the company I was working for had developed technology to support the new legislation! Oh and yes, I convinced the actor Ray Winstone, to become patron of a small Warrington- based charity, all because they wanted some national exposure.

Out of all the jobs that I could have done, I have to say marketing and public relations has to be the best – of course I’m fortunate enough to be qualified and experienced in both professions, which enables me to provide integrated solutions – although when people ask me what I do I simply say: ‘Brand Architecture’.

Well that’s all I wanted to blog about…thanks for reading and happy Friday…I’m finishing off now and then going food shopping – it is Friday afterall:) 

Happy Weekend!

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