…talktojason creates two new #brand propositions for #Securahomes and #Pro-tect Communities.


#Pro-tect Communities [the brief]

The client requested a quote for media relations activity to support a MLM route to market they wanted to use to launch their latest product innovation.

Their product is a wireless, self-install two-way audio #homecare system, which is monitored 24/7 and is available to #homeowners wanting to better protect their property and loved ones. The homecare system offers monitored #smoke and #fire detection, #carbon #monoxide detection, #intruder detection, #panic alarm for those living alone and #medical alarms.

Effectively, their homecare technology offered a responsive alarm system that was like having your very own ‘good’ neighbour watching out for you and your family.

…talktojason [the response]

Their MLM approach brought up several negatives; not just the pessimistic perception associated with MLM (a pyramid system) but also, when it comes to consumer-based brands within this sector, the brand value has to be one of trust, reliability, assurance and professionalism.

Because of this I suggested they give me a day to come up with a better approach to launch their new product offering, as well as enabling them to build on new market share.

After examining the product offering, understanding its true values and its targeted customer base I came up with an approach that would reflect the product’s core values, its overall usefulness and, something that would reflect a solution to a modern-day problem.

From this I created the brand identity now known as Pro-tect Communities, and its brand proposition of being the UK’s first technology version of #Neighbourhood Watch.

Pro-tect Communities…For those of us who don’t live with the emergency services!

To ensure its audiences’ perception matched the desired #brand identity a combined communications and #marketing platform was introduced to create awareness and clear understanding for the brands personality. This platform included both online and offline activity, which focused on the newly created #interactive #website, which uses #forums, #blogs, a village shop, a village news agents, and a community centre that allows customers and staff to upload hints and tips on everything from #DIY, #gardening and #cooking – it even allows customers to tell others about retail offers, as well as uploading warnings about suspected bogus callers.   

To support the website the #communications and marketing platforms covers both online and offline channels, using #social media and social networks for both customer interaction and third-party communications, including media updates and video feeds relating to new product extensions, installation guides and criminal/trade funnies. To help push the launch a TV #advertising campaign has been produced and planned for April, which will also include a special social media version that will be uploaded on to the website, on #YouTube and the social network sites being used. A national reactive and pro-active media relations programme has also been put in place to support the promotion on a local, regional and national level – it will also help to sustain and protect future market share.


Following the success of the Pro-tect Communities brand creation, I was also asked to review and come up with a marketing and communications platform for the already established business called Securahomes.

#Securahomes is the commercial version of Pro-tect Communities, and unlike the wireless version, the Securahomes system needed to be hardwired. Securahomes already had an established reputation so it was suggested to the client that the current brand proposition be retained, given a slight makeover and then re-launched across newly identified routes following some competitor analysis and predicted future market trends and conditions.

One of the new routes would include the introduction of a National Approved Distributor Network. A new brand identity was also created, along with a complete consumer aware business-to-business public relations and marketing platform, which was put in place to support the launch. Trade advertising and media relations programmes would also play a part in supporting the launch, as well as a new online presence that involved a new website, offering an e-commerce solution, technical downloads and a trade recruitment programme. The website would also play an important role for communicating new brand messaging.


www.pro-tectcommunities.com – to be launched at the end of March

www.securahomes.com – to be launched at the end of March

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DihX7IL0VTk – Special social network version of the TV ad

http://www.flickr.com/photos/tjka/4055634195/ – Downloadable image taken from TV advert (1)

Police Officer, Fireman, Medic and home owner sitting in the living room

http://www.flickr.com/photos/tjka/4056123654/in/set-72157622567683084/ – Downloadable image taken from TV advert (2)  

Homeowner opening her Pro-tect Communities Homecare System

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