It’s Friday, but it may as well be Wednesday!

It’s Friday! But, it may as well be Wednesday, because I have a lot to get done and at the moment one days sick (which by the way was ‘Man Flu’) equates to a loss of two days productivity :(

I’ve convinced my client not to re-use an old ad they created some years ago, but instead to shoot a new infomercial in-line with the new brand identity I’ve created for them.  This however, means that I now need to create the concept and creative; bring everyone together and make sure everything and, everyone works together in unison.

On top on this I also need to produce a PR plan to support the new advertising campaign, which will involve both online and offline channels.

I also need to make sure that the direct marketing activity has been booked in and everyone will be available once the findings of the pre-strike research programme have been established.  I also need to produce the copy for each of the supporting literature being produced by the designer I brought in. The designer by the way is the very talented Lindsay Bailey, who I use to work with at Redkite Marketing & Communications Ltd. Lindsay is a very brilliant and creative designer who I can always trust to deliver. You can contact Lindsay at

Well, best get cracking…only 24 hours in a day – unfortunately :) Happy Weekend by the way.

This blog sounds like a grumble, but it’s not…honest :)

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