What about us Men…us Dad’s!?!

#Soap Box time!

I read, for the first time a copy of the #Independent on Sunday – normally I read the #Sunday Times, but today, I thought I’d try the Independent, which by the way I think the Sunday #Times is a much better read for those relaxing Sunday afternoons – or mornings, depending what time you get up on a Sunday!

Anyway, a read the paper from cover to cover and found that there were pages and pages (around five) donated to women – mostly how important the mummies are to each of the three main #political parties. Who by the way are firing out policy intentions to capture the ‘mummy voter’ like rapid fire grenades launches! Sorry, I’ve always wanted to use that expression :)

Now, I’m no expert when it comes to understanding the mind of a #Mummy, or for that matter women in general! But what I do know is that no matter how good I or my friends thought we were at pulling the wool over the eyes of our #mother’s they never fell for what we thought were carefully thought-through lies and misconceptions – no matter how long we rehearsed the stories prior to returning home. What I’m trying to say is that boys and men all over the world understand that when it comes to mothers they can’t be fooled! So, why is it then that all three political parties think they can get away with trying to get our mothers to vote for them via such blatant and desperate measures – if they really cared what mothers wanted they would be putting polices in place to look after the interests of Mummies little ‘soldiers’  – wouldn’t they!?!

Which brings me to my next point, which is when did #politicians stop caring about the voters and just focus on the power? I have to confess up until now I have always been a #Tory voter; but now, I’m not so sure! #Cameron is such a slimy little snake (in my view anyway) who was willing to sell his family’s soul to gain press coverage – as did #Brown for that matter…but at least Brown has on the job experience, unlike Cameron – plus, Brown’s fiscal plan has, like he said, got us out of the recession – yes, yes, I know, only just and it was the Labour policies that got us there in the first place! But still, the UK is out of recession – could the #Tories do any better!?!

This goes against my own beliefs, but with Brown you have a #politician – he wasn’t interested in the fame game – he just wanted to get on with the job of running the country – although over the past few months he has been forced to acknowledge that the rules of #perception do apply to him, which may explain why he was willing, and desperate enough to discuss his #family on #national TV, which has now got #Cameron and his misses doing the same. But then, #Mrs Cameron is a #mummy, so I’m sure she knows best – or at the very least the policies being talked about by all three parties will benefit her!

Just one thing though…what about us #Men, us #Dad’s…what do we get!?!

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