Are you a mature thinker?

Just a thought, but if you are considering #marketing your products to the #mature sector, or if you haven’t thought about marketing your products to the #mature sector, then read on:

The #mature sector accounts for over 40% of all adults – that’s 19.5 million adults

14,226 people turn 50 every week


The #mature have a collective pot of £175 billion of disposable income – that’s 30% more than the under-50s


85% have private pensions and possess 80% of all private wealth 


The over 50’s were the first generation to have been advertised to throughout their lives – they are #advertising-savvy

Over-50s are the fastest growing segment of internet users


59% are always prepared to try new products


38% often try something new after seeing it advertised

28% often buy a new brand to see what it’s like

25% love to buy new gadgets and appliances

23% are tempted to buy products they have seen advertised

What to understand the mature market more, or looking to recruit #mature focused (and very experienced) #public relations and #marketing services? Then talktojason

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