Give up or get up…is it just me?

That’s the dilemma I have. Well, sometimes at least! I’ve spent over sixteen years building a career across the #marketing and #public relations professions. I’ve had highs, and I’ve had lows. But nothing like the luck I’ve had over the past fourteen months! It’s been a stormy sea with a few glimpses of sun!

A prime example is this: On Monday, my birthday, my 40th birthday no less, the car decided to play up. I took it to #HiQ who said your battery needs replacing. With this I got them to put a new battery in and the car worked like it should. On the way home I noticed a creaking when I turned the wheel left and, a creaking when I turned the wheel right! This got worse and worse – it’s now a dirty looking bucket of tin on the drive at the moment!

Anyway, this is a good example of the luck I’ve been having recently. On December 1st 2008 I was the #PR #Director of #TDMG. By the 18th December 2008 I was unemployed (been made redundant) watching daytime TV! On 21st December I launched TJKA, which has recently been re-launched as …talktojason. So far, like most new ventures there have been a few ups and plenty of downs.

Someone once told me that whatever you’re doing when you hit 40 is what you will spend the rest of your life doing – God I hope not! I mean, I really love my profession – that would be brand architecture by the way – but I hope I’m not going to have plenty of lows and a few ups trying to get …talktojason off the ground! Well, I  say get …talktojason off the ground, it’s only my #freelance operating name, so really, there isn’t anything to get off the ground – it’s only to pass the time away until I either land a large client, or, someone says: “Hey Jase, we want you as our new recruit.”

I have to say however, that since I started out on 21st December I have met some fantastic people and businesses; unfortunately, I have also met some people who have just used me to get ideas and campaign creative from – the lengths some ‘agency people’ will go to just because they have run out of ideas!! Apparently, it’s not that uncommon so a few people have told me – and there was I thinking I was special :)

Well, I better get cracking there are a couple of creaking thingamabobs on the car that need looking at. No doubt it will cost a fortune to fix it – I’m sure the right amount of money will mean they can re-build the bloody thing!

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