My business plan – you have the power to make me work:)

Recently I read a tweet from a great designer chap – no names – no pack drill – who tweeted that he was doing a new business plan. This got me thinking that I should also complete one – especially considering I normally ask new clients to show me a copy of their business plan so I can make a tailored solution to fit their overall business objectives – I know what you’re thinking: “what…you haven’t got a business plan of your own!?!

No, I don’t! But, in my defence, and I do have one…a defence that is; you see when I started out as a freelancing consultant it was due to necessity rather than choice – it just snow balled and the next thing I know its April 2010!

Anyway, today I decided to get stuck in and produce a business plan – and after a few distractions I’m happy to report it has now been completed. My business plan even has a fancy looking Excel spreadsheet showing my somewhat conservative financial forecast – there could even be a holiday in the offering – which would be nice :)

I have to confess, the reason I may never become the next Sir Richard Branson, is because I focus more on the creative than the practical, which is often contrary to how I operate when working with a client – results, results, results equal ROI! I made that up by the way :)

Plus there is another reason why I’ve been motivated to concentrate on completing a business plan, which is that while I’m waiting for that BIG job offer to come knocking, I’ve decided to push with the freelancing thing to see which comes first – the job, or …talktojason becomes the next big thing in the creative agency world – either would be nice!

However, if I’m that blasé about either , will the …talktojason concept work? After all I doubt any of the Dragons said I’ll look to build a business while job hunting. Then again they may have, after all most entrepreneurs’ are born out of necessity.

Oh, and yes, if you’re an agency looking for extra support, or a business looking for #public relations, #marketing or brand architecture …talktojason – you have the power to make my business plan work you know :)

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