Will the Tories be good for commerce?

 I think it is fair to say the #Lib Dems will not win the 2010 #General Election, but what about #Labour and the #Conservatives? Will Labour stay in office, or will #Cameron need to book the movers?

On the perception front it would seem the #Tories are doing very well. Everywhere you look there are Conservative-based advertising banners; whereas the only labour #advertising I have really seen is those signs put up by supporters presenting the name of the local labour candidate. As for the Lib Dems, their effort, really, is a coach travelling up and down the land – not very eco-friendly then – and conducting what seem to be badly prepared #media interviews!?!

On the #marketing front, it’s safe to say the Tories have gained the upper hand – they certainly understand how the short-term memory works! Unlike Labour, whose #creativity so far has given the Tories a cheeky campaign idea based on a popular #TV programme!

I have to say perception planning apart, I’m unsure who to vote for, which is strange considering I’ve always voted Conservative. I think it’s a couple of reasons; one being I don’t like Cameron – there’s something creepy about him. Whereas #Gordon; although not great on the perception process he does clearly prefer to focus on the politics, rather than the celebrity – the man behind the brand – the Labour brand that is.

Another point that is annoying me somewhat is that the Tories seem to want to spend, spend, and spend while cutting back, cutting back, and cutting back. But surely one cancels out the other? Not to mention the fact that there is no money to spend anyway. Plus, every penny that is saved will need to go to pay back the debt we now have, which in part is Labours fault!

Here’s another thing that I don’t agree with; which is the policy of going after the financially successful and force them to pay more tax? For one thing they already pay more, but also this country needs the rich! We certainly need the #entrepreneurial so punishing them financially for being successful will not be an encouragement. Then again, I’m not rich so I wouldn’t know.

Well, so far the Tories are on average 5 percent ahead in the polls, but still I think it could be a close call between the Conservatives and Labour. Although, if I was a betting man I think the Tories will win this election. Will it be good for #commerce and therefore the country? I hope so, for my #business, for my #clients’ #businesses and for your business sake!

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