I use to have an office you know!

I remember the good days, an office with grownups and everything – even the kitchen sink. There were meeting rooms stuffed with creative’s exploring new client campaigns – we even had a grand reception area with leather chairs and a bar area – yep, a bar area:) 

Nowadays however, I have a different type of working environment! I could PR it and say I’ve gone eco-friendly and so refuse to drive to work; I brushed off the corporate shackles in favour of casual entire, and I’m now following my dream to become self-employed – in control of my own destiny! In other words, I was made redundant and now work from home freelancing. Think the PR version was better! 

Childs play....i mean creatives at work!


Now, instead of meeting rooms stuffed with creative’s exploring client campaigns, I have living rooms stuffed with toys discarded by different types of creative types! 

So I thought If I could use any image to represent the type of working day I have had, it would be this one. 

Believe it or not I have four children, or as I like to say, staff, and out of all of them, the youngest, Tallulah Belle (she’s 2), is by far the messiest…oops, I mean creative – she created this ‘creative dump’ in less than 8 minutes! 

So, back to Monday 17th May, which by the way has gone incredibly fast; in part because of today’s work load, which has incorporated compiling media info and copy and framework for a website? I’ve also been exploring an online ad campaign for a client, which will help support SEO for their newly launched website. The other reason I’ve been busy is because I’ve had to try to keep the youngest two ‘members of staff’ quiet while making some media calls and answering the phone from a client who wanted to go over some bits of marketing activity that needs concluding before Friday. 

The day started like most days with a strategy meeting (this would be where we get the kids ready for school) Then, I get caught up in a catch-up meeting (this is where I put the coffee maker on and have my second cup of coffee – brain food for parents with young creatives) After finishing my ‘catch-up meeting’ I then get stuck into my emails, news feeds and social networks; at this point I’m ready to get cracking on client work – the important stuff. 

Of course, no matter if you’re the MD, account manager, strategist or even the cleaner, when working with creative’s you have to stop on occasions to pick them up off the floor, reclaim the items they’ve taken from the laptop case, and then feed their creative minds with whatever will keep them quiet the longest – oh, you also have to answer their constant questions, which they seem to ask right at the moment you were going to come up with the perfect solution to a particular business or client problem! 

But hey, when you’re stuck in an office you rarely get to go to the park when the sun comes out and your work has finished, or even, watch Peppa Pig 100 times a day!

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  1. Thomas says:

    I also remember a big pot of elastic bands! Although that could be a different office.

    One thing you haven’t mentioned is the office environment for you has been open, noisey and easy to communicate.

    You also know of people who preferred closed offices with blinds allowing you to hide what you are up to and which separate you from your colleagues.

    I always find an open approach and an open office more effective.

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