Now that’s a result!

Just came out of a client meeting to discuss the first phase of a trade ad campaign I put in place for them.  The advertising campaign was used to support a media relations programme being used to attract a mix of electrical installers and alarm fitters to join the client’s Approved Installer Network (AIN)– a route to market I came up with to help generate national sales with minimum cost or investment to the client.

The ad campaign ran over an initial period of three months covering three issues (March, April and May). The results so far have seen over 40 companies from across the UK signing up to become members of the AIN; this means my client now has over 40 extra sales routes without employing a single sales person!

Because the ad campaign and media relations programme proved such a success the client has asked me to sort out their part in a series of trade exhibitions to help attract further companies.

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    Hi there, may I use some of the content found in this entry
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