Forgive me, it’s been four weeks since my last blog!

To blog or not to blog that is the question.

It’s been sometime since my last blog. In fact I think it has been around four or five weeks. So I’ve been scratching my head trying to think of a blog to write. Should I write about brand architecture – should I write about marketing, public relations, creative or account management? Or, should I just write about nothing in particular?

Well the latter won! So, I’m not going to write about brand architecture, marketing, public relations, creative or account management. Instead, I’m going to write about blogging. That’s the beauty of personal blogging; you can blog about anything!

For me, blogging gives me the opportunity to share my thoughts on the subjects I love with those of you who want to read them. Blogging is almost a release that allows me to moan and criticise – blogging also allows me to shout about my successes.

Over the past four weeks I’ve had plenty to moan about; backwards thinking agencies, self-proclaimed gurus wanting to show me how to make millions and even agencies so desperate for business they will do almost anything to borrow ideas to offer them up to their clients as their own!

I have to confess blogging also presents me with the perfect soap box to upload my own thoughts which I believe to be important or worthy of your time – sorry by the way ;)

Well that’s all I can think to blog about today, so on behalf of my ego and I, thank you for reading this blog – pointless maybe but I think I’ve got my mojo back so blogs-away :)

Heads up, the next blog will be about community engagement…i know how exciting…lol:)

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