Traditional media vs digital media – is there room for both?

Is this it for traditional press? Are we going to have to say good bye to newspapers as we currently know them, or is there still a future for paper-based news?

I have to admit that I’m a contradiction in terms! I am all digital – I understand it, work with it every day to delivery on client objectives and I have fully embrace digital communications with both hands! Yet, I still love to read the Sunday papers every week and I get a kick every time I spot some coverage I have obtained within the traditional press on behalf of a client.

In fact my Sunday mornings consist of reading through the papers and then chatting about them across my SN accounts. In fact my online portfolio is stuffed with traditional media references.

How doomed is the traditional media – are newspapers really dying off? Recent reports and statistics show circulation figures for local press have dropped dramatically – in most cases by over 50% since 1989.

The Guardian newspaper published an article (25 August 2010) showing recent statistics that have kept even the toughest media mogul awake at night!

When In 1896, Marconi was awarded the British patent 12039 people thought the newspaper was dead; likewise when Herbert Ives of Bell Labs transmitted moving images over a cable from Washington to New York in 1927, rumours about the death of radio started to emerge – yet both radio and TV co-exist quite happy today.

I personally believe and I hope that newspapers will continue to exist for many years to come, the only difference is those media outlets that can adapt and fully embrace digital partnerships will be saved and maintain commercial strength, whereas those who fail to adapt will continue to lose readership numbers and therefore advertising revenue and simply close.

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  1. Katie Morse says:

    I absolutely think that there is room for both print and digital media. Our consumption habits have changed, but I too still enjoy reading a printed book or newspaper on a regular basis. What I really think needs to continue to grow is the options that I have to consume the media I want… for example – if I don’t feel like taking a book I own on a trip, can I move it to my eReader and take that along instead? I would be willing to pay a bit more for that option, putting more money in the publishers pockets and allowing me to have my freedom of choice. Novel concept!

    Community Manager | Radian6

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