Trying to think of a blog to post ;-?

I’m trying to think of a blog to post, but can’t find one that fits my current mood – I’m a creative, what can I say! The problem however, is that it has been a little while since I posted an article on the type of topics I like to stand on my soap box and rattle on about.

I thought I would blog about how companies who ask you to pitch for some work only to steal the ideas to feed the imaginations of their in-house team; or to give their incumbent agency a kick! But then they are few and far between.

Then I was going to moan about those clients who expect far more than they actually pay for – you know the ones! But then I thought: “boring!”

I even considered finishing off my e-book entitled: ‘What is a brand?’ But a ‘masterpiece’ takes time to get right! So, four paragraphs later and I still haven’t decided what to blog about; what to rant on about, or to laugh or moan at.

The problem I have is that I work full-time (I calculated I personally manage nine accounts) and spend over two hours a day travelling, so when I get home I’m too tired. Plus, I only get around two hours to spend with the little ones (Honey and Tallulah) before it’s their bed time; and the older two (Harvey and Angel) prefer to socialise with the TV instead of talking to an actually human, so they’re no fun! And my other half, well she spends all her time sorting out the kids plus one;)

I’m not moaning about work, one client ( is really great account to work on, especially because it integrates a good mix of traditional, digital and social media platforms, which I proposed, created and now manage!

I think the problem is we should work two days a week and rest five days a week – I love what I do, but as I get older I prefer to spend more time with my family then with clients – no disrespect to my valued clients by the way – honest ;)

Well, seven paragraphs on and I’m still rattling on about nothing in particular – sorry by the way. Oh, i’ve got an idea, I could blog about how there are still some pr people out there giving bad advice; some business owners and creative types still deciding to ignore the benefits of social media platforms – sticking their heads in the sand – some folk even believing social media means just Facebook (talktojason) and Twitter (@talktojason) – forget about everything else!

So what should I blog about, what will reward the time you have spent reading this blog so far? I, know, what about public sector cuts…that seems to spark a reaction – everyone has an opinion on that. Hey, I know, we could chat about my NEW iphone 4 – yep, I’m the proud owner of an iphone 4 – it’s great! I can update my social networks, my client’s social networks, even work with my chosen social media platforms anywhere. Well accept the in the kitchen! My iphone 4 and my kitchen don’t seem to get on. I know what you’re thinking though, your smart phone will also let you do that as well, which is great. But have you got an iphone 4? If no, hahahahahah…hehehehe…hehe…he, if yes, then ‘wow’ great minds think alike!

Well, that’s all I’ve got, an iphone4, a half written e-book (large blog) and social media applications with my name on them: ‘talktojason. Just need a five-day weekend to top it off!

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