pr’s or mb’s?

Should we continue to call ourselves pr’s? Or should we now start calling ourselves mb’s?

Truth be told, can we really still call ourselves pr’s – has the term ‘PR’ now become synonymous with those who wish to remain in the past?

New media has not only enabled pr’s to evolve, but enabled the whole creative industry to propel itself to a place where it can continue to engage with its publics.

Posting images and video feeds during client shoot.

Today, pr’s not only need to work with traditional media, but also know how to use digital platforms in order to exploit the advantages digital offers when delivering the message. Nowadays pr’s should understand marketing, business and new media so they can develop, manage and safe guard not only a client’s reputation, but also that of the profession!

At this point I would like to point out that digital pr is not just about facebook and twitter – this point I wish to stress to all those self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ – the ignorant masses.

Admen, marketers and pr’s can no longer stick their professional  flags in the ground and try to defend their territory; now, they have to find ways of working together,  understanding each profession and incorporating each profession into one clear and focused service. The service of media – media bods (mp’s).

It amazes me even today that there are admen, marketers and pr’s who don’t understand or accept digital – instead sitting at their desks moaning about the decline of traditional media channels, instead of realising that when some doors close other doors open! Moreover, consumers are no longer happy to read, listen and watch messaging – now they help to generate online content and even shape it – publics have become media savvy so pr’s need to be!

Bloggers are just as important as reporters! The good thing about social media is that it’s available to all, and here is the problem and indeed the solution! The media world has and continues to evolve, whereas pr has become a victim of its own laziness and simply stands for press release.

So, should we stop calling ourselves pr’s or should we (forward thinkers) start calling ourselves media bods?

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