Digital pr goes a long, long way!

Just how far can creative, digital pr go? If done correctly it can go from here to there and then back again – in this case, the UK, Europe, Far East, the US, Canada and Ireland, and then back to the UK – where it really matters.

What happen?

It started out as an idea for a client (fashion Pony) release, which would be used across traditional, digital and social media platforms. The ideal or concept grew into me producing a 500+ word feature about: “Why jumpsuits have jumped back into our wardrobes.”  At this point i would like to apologise to all men out there because i feel i have let you all down! The piece was agreed by the client and then issued to a carefully selected media group – in this case, quality over quantity!

Within hours of being released it was picked up, spun round – upside down and then right way up again before being picked up around the world. So much so that Google identified thousands of online links – even on of all places – not to mention India and Indonesia!

So how far can creative pr go? As far as you need it too and then some. It’s even going in traditional media, starting with…wait for it…the Sunderland Echo (Life & Style) guide.

I would like to say however, that some thanks goes to Beyoncé :)

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