Full English, crash TV and not really much to blog about, but…

Today was the first day of my holidays (four days off) – so what to do? One, go to IKEA for a full English – check! Then watch child#3 (Honey) nativity play – check! Then get the whole family to help decorate the Christmas tree and put up the other decorations – check! Then crash on the settee and watch rubbish TV until I get bored – check!

Now what? It’s only day one! Oh yes, I haven’t been to York for a coffee at Cafe Nero since May 2010. So, day two, York for coffee (AM). Then off to do a bit of Christmas shopping. I could make another start on my ‘What is a brand?’ e-book, but to be honest I can’t decide how to finish it – I’ve started it and even written the middle bit, but the ending needs work!

I could write another piece on pr or s-commerce  – could even poke another stick at why traditional agencies need to pick it up a gear and embrace all that is digital, or get out-of-the-way. Could even write a diary piece, but today is a holiday and I’ve only got another three left, so what to do – any ideas anyone? What can I do on my days off?

I do have a stinking cold (man flu) but I don’t like to moan about it – just suffer in silence ;)

Well, I’m off back to watching car crash TV – plenty to pick from ;( Bring on tomorrow – I’m going shopping and to York for coffee #CafeNero – perfection ;)

Oh, if you haven’t heard of s-commerce then give me a buzz and I’ll tell you all about it :)

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