Want I did during my four days off (in pictures:)

First, I met a client for lunch to discuss progress and further opportunities; including own-brand collections (I’m Sophistication… I’m Flirt… and I’m Playful…) let’s face it, we never really get time off…do we!?!

Then, I went to watch child #3 (Honey Rose) nativity play – she was an angel – the best angel ever!!!

After that, I went all the way to York to have a coffee at my favourite coffee shop, Cafe Nero – perfect. I sat there with coffee in hand watching the world go by – could of done it all day.

After that I went home picked up the family and went hunting for the biggest Christmas tree on the planet – and we found it! Looked smaller at the garden centre!

We finished decorating the tree sat down and then i started to feel ill – ‘man-flu’ in fact :(

So, that is what I did during my four days off – nothing exciting, but I enjoyed every minute of it – prefect!  Except for the ‘man-flu’ bit.

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