2010…what a year! PJs, mad men and walking sticks!

Like most bloggers, 2010 has been a bizarrely odd 12 months. I started as an account director for a North Yorkshire-based public relations firm -that’s not the bizarre bit by the way – what followed however, is!

The agency I work for wanted to do some promo work to celebrate the clocks changing and so decided a photo shoot of the whole team wearing pjs was called for – not that bad I hear you say; well, when you consider we were all wearing pjs on a bed in a shop widow would that change your mind? I would like to point out at this point that i consider myself to be a very…very successful  introvert!

After this came a creative take for a corporate Christmas card which was themed on the popular US TV show, Mad Men. Again, the whole team was dressed up, but instead of PJs, we were all wearing 1950s/60s clothing – again, not that bad? Well, consider this, the photo shoot for this was in the middle of a popular retail store with customers wandering around!

Then a colleague asks if I could help pick a Christmas gift for her husband: “You’re about the same height so can you come with me to pick a present?” “Of course” I said, not realising I would be modelling the gift (walking stick) in the shop (was fun though:)

Not bad for someone who prefers to be behind the camera instead of in front of it! If I wanted attention I would have become an actor!

I have to admit though, I did actually enjoy myself being a model and it did help Christmas get here faster ;)

Quick blog filler;)

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