Police become taxing…

Just received a New Years gift from West Yorkshire Police, in the form of three points or an afternoon on a Speed Awareness Course – I’m paying for the privilege – I think it’s the ‘forces’ unofficial term for ‘TAX’. I suppose someone has to pay for their shiny new cars which they all seem to be driving these days – what ever happen to the old rust-bucket meat wagons they all use to drive us home in?

Anyway, it seems I was driving at 44 mph within a 40 mph speed area – on the M621!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If they didn’t buy all these speed cameras and stick them every 100 yards then they could spend their own money on other things so they wouldn’t have to tax, sorry, ‘fine’ motorist to pay for all the overtime the Community Support Officers, sorry – again, I mean the police officers do!

Talking of stupid people doing annoying things, why is it you always see police cars (shiny ones) driving through traffic jams with their blues and twos on only to turn them off when they get past everyone – the number of times I’ve seen police cars responding to nothing, *cough* I mean call outs only to be stood down when they get to the front of the jam – funny that. Please note I’m not suggesting the West Yorkshire Police are unprofessional, or in any way misuse their equipment and power for personal gain *gulp*– honest governor ;)

Anyway, I need to decide whether to accept the three points or listen to someone tell me why speeding is bad, but speed cameras and Police Tax is good – happy New Year!

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