The social media evolution – what’s your prediction!

Is Facebook the metaphorical meteorite condemning other social media platforms to the proverbial ice age – or is there room on this planet for all?

So far I’ve come to realise that there are three camps; one pro Twitter, one pro Facebook, and those, like me who believe there’s a place for both – neither one, in my view, is the be all and end all – especially as a corporate communications tool.

Currently there are more than 500 million Facebook users compared to just over 250 million tweeples. But there’s also a cross-section of supporters that use both Facebook and Twitter; and let’s not forget about LinkedIn.  I myself have a mash-up of social media platforms, including social networking platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I also use, YouTube and WordPress.  But then the good thing about Facebook or say Twitter, compared to these platforms is Facebook and Twitter can host video, images and text, whereas the others are limited in their individual offering – nonetheless, each one has benefits which can be used to support both personal results and commercial gain.

So, are you a fan of Facebook or a hardened Tweeter who refuses to accept Facebook’s self proclaimed supremacy over the others? Or as the 500 million users may claim: “for all others, the end is nigh!”

One point to note is that Twitter does have a dependency for ‘add-on’ apps, such as Twitpic and Twitlonger, whereas Facebook is more flexible and doesn’t depend on external apps to give it flexibility – saying that though if I could only pick one social networking platform it would be Twitter – sorry Facebook, sorry LinkedIn.

It will be interesting to watch social media (with an emphasis on social networks) develop – currently each one serves as an excellent public engagement tool, with its very evolution propelling digital pr and the other creative industries, and the media into a more exciting, demanding and challenging times, in which only the those who understand and really embrace social media’s importance will survive and evolve!

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  1. I like conversation. Therefore I prefer Twitter. Personally
    I think Twitter is the best way to communicate with the online
    community with Facebook coming in at a close second. Facebook is
    better for branding, multimedia, traffic and targeting the
    ‘mainstream people’ who don’t ‘get’ @, RT, # etc but in terms of 2
    way conversation between brand and audience – I think Twitter wins
    hands down – allowing brands to appear more human and approachable
    which I think is really important. There’s also a synergy between
    writers, bloggers and companies on Twitter which simply doesn’t
    exist on Facebook. But then Facebook ads have a targeting system
    that is hard to beat and and the platform offers a ROI that can’t
    be ignored. I’m now realising it’s actually really difficult to
    compare FB and Twitter, they both have their merits. Facebook wins
    for creating interactive content and Twitter wins for
    conversational marketing. Linkedin wins for B2B. I reckon use a
    combination of the 3 and you’re onto a winner!

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