Shopping for better brand value…

As anyone who understands brands will tell you, one of the most important elements for creating, protecting and even growing brand value through positive brand perception is by having and sustaining a strong customer service policy.

So why do so many companies spend millions to create a strong proposition to only allow it to fail because of poor customer service? Yes, i understand a brand identity can be built on a low price offering, which means the main brand focus is on low-cost items and not high-value items, where a strong customer service offering is crucial – but even the harden penny pincher can be deterred by poor customer service – plus the fact in today’s market place businesses are aware there will always be a competitor ready to welcome your dissatisfied customers when they have mentally and emotionally re-valued your brand value as weak/poor.

Oh, the reason for this blog by the way is based on a recent visit to Sainsbury’s supermarket (Green Gates), which up until recently i perceived its brand value as that almost on a par with M&S, which by the way i view as extremely high.

Unlike previous shopping experiences, the last few visits have resulted in queuing for some time (it can take longer to queue to pay for the shopping then it does to go around the store picking up items for a full weeks shopping) for the privilege of paying for their goods! But what’s the alternative? I perceive ASDA’s brand value as ‘cheap’, ‘low quality’ goods – Tesco’s brand value is no better, exccept for different reasons to that of ASDA’s. So, should i start shopping at Booths or Waitrose?

He’s a question for anyone who works at Sainsbury’s, why does it take four/five ‘till supervisors’ to stand around looking at the queues when they could simply get on the closed tills, open them and at least pretend to like their customers!

Rant over…thank you for reading ;)

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