Email…snail mail!

I have to confess that I still use email as a form of communication, but not because I want to you understand, but because I have too!

As a supporter of all things digital, social media is my preferred online communication platforms – each and almost every one! But even today I find my own social media progression is somewhat slowed down by those who either so far have refused to start tweeting, or by those who see it as a requirement for professional perception instead of utilising opportunities, or indeed really understanding its dominance and full potential.

Email vs social media

Technology has developed so rapidly that every day something superior is introduced to replace the ‘so yesterday’ application. It was only in 2010 people really started referring to postage as snail mail. Yet, email has also become – when people finally admit it – almost archaic.

Yep, snail mail is important and will always (in part) be, as will electronic mail in its simplest sense, but email and all its advantages can’t hit the sides of social media’s appetite for development and innovation.

I’m not saying all things traditional, which in itself is a broad term, is dead – the traditional press for example have been hit hard, but for now and for some years to come the printed newspaper will continue, albeit at a slower, more reduced pace. Indeed only the quality nationals and maybe the odd red-top will survive – local and a lot of regionals will in my view cease, because romantic ideology will eventually have to give in to hard financial reality.

The reality is, in my professional opinion *cough* email will actually disappear long before snail mail. Whereas social media will continue to develop – evolve and provide even better ways in which to communicate and get our messages across to our targeted publics. The paradox of course is that this can only happen if those who refuse to accept it eventually come round to realising it! Otherwise, this blog is a paradox in itself *gulp*

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