It’s not one or the other!

There seems to be two camps when it comes to incorporating social media into the public relations service offering – those who understand it, embrace it and who have already accepted its importance (the futurist – it’s a word, I checked;) and those who see social media as a menace (Ostrich) – a lesser communications tools to the print media and which has no real substance.

social media and traditional media public relations

I’m firmly located in the ‘futurist’ camp and therefore believe, where appropriate social media platforms, including social networks, have an important part in today’s and tomorrow’s public relations arena.

I’m not saying social networks applications like Twitter or Facebook must be applied to everything – the same creative considerations used when planning a traditional media relations campaign need to be applied when planning social media activity – in some cases you will find social media takes centre stage and in other situations it acts more like a support mechanism, or not used at all.

That said, I still come across people within the industry who have a natural resistance to social media? Why do they find it necessary to create two separate camps – over egging the whole public relations profession – ignorance?

The public relations profession is a mix of services that create, maintain and protect a desired perception – in my view. Public relations is not all about press releases, nor is it all about social media – it’s what ever it has to be at the time!

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  1. Sherice says:

    Excellent post, I’m looking forward to other posts.

  2. Thomas says:

    What I find is that social media is lumped into a huge mixing pot and you have no strategy. Coporate facebook sites that do nothing for a business and spam twitter feeds galore.

    The real trick is not to focus on them at all. How do the people and communities you’re trying to reach engage and communicate? The answer to the question answers how you develop a campaign.

    There’s nothing wrong with getting in the local papers but it might be more effective to talk to them in a different way.

    Equally, social media needs to help existing communities not, as many campaigns try to do, invent communties that don’t exist. Do people really chat about doing the washing up even if they enjoy it?

  3. finishing says:

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