S-commerce or not to s-commerce, that’s the ‘furniture’ question ;)

A little while ago i wrote a piece entitled: To s-commerce or not to s-commerce, that is the profitable question. The article looked at the importance of social media and how organisations can and should use it to support growth, brand identity and market share.

The piece also looked at the benefits and negatives, as well as the types of considerations that should be included when a strategy is being put in place. References to traditional media was also included in the piece, with reference to the decline in paper-based newspaper sales – it also looked at how social media can support traditional pr, marketing and sales activity.

So far it has been picked up across various media channels, including a feature in the Telegraph & Argus business pages, PR Week, the Drum and now in Feb’s issue of Furniture News – it’s also rumoured it will be published in Feb’s issue of CFR Magazine – living the dream ;-!

Read the article in full?

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  1. Christin says:

    I really knew about virtually all of this, but having said that, I still assumed it had been valuable. Good work!

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