The world didn’t stop spinning :)

Since waking up on Saturday morning feeling like death (believe me when I say by Sunday morning I really wanted someone to actually shoot me) I have not signed in to any of my social networks. I did reply to a tweet via my phone but I think that was an automatic reaction to my medication – honest!

This made me realise that since feeling like death for five days – still feel like hell by the way – not using my social networks didn’t stop the world from spinning. I did unfortunately lose seven followers – come back soon!

Another thing I realised is the older I get the more drugs I need to get over illnesses – I’m talking a lot by the way. I remember when I joined the army in 87, during the first week of basic training we all had to stand in a line baring both arms to the two nurses standing at the front. One nurse would inject the left arm with the flu virus and the other nurse would inject the other arm with the vaccine. Unfortunately, the nurse injecting the vaccine wasn’t very good and only managed to inject a very small dose of vaccine into my right arm – I spent the next three days in a medical ward with my body full of a nasty flu virus!

Anyway, I think I’ve proved my own point about social media, which is there is a time and a place for it. My recent post: ‘It’s not one or the other’ discussed why some people in the communications profession insists on having two camps – one for traditional and one for digital!?! In my view is this is ignorance. The purpose of my recent blog post was to state that social media, traditional and digital all have a place and should only be used when needed.

So what do you think? Should there be two camps, one for traditional and one for digital, or do you, like me believe communicating is about using all appropriate forms of communication tools and suitable channels when required?

Anyway, I thought as I hadn’t posted anything in five days I should at least make an effort – just in case the world does stop spinning ;)

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