The tortoise and the hare – which is which?

When it comes to offline media channels and online media platforms, which is the tortoise and which is the hare?

I know you can’t really compare the two, because when it comes to using media outlets it comes down to three points: audience, message, objective. But still, because some people believe that there has to be two camps: ‘traditional’ and ‘digital’ I thought it might be a good idea to write a little blog about it; plus the fact I couldn’t think of anything else to blog about:)

I also thought the best way to explain my rant in a clear way would be to produce the following case study, which by the way is based on recent client work ;)

The client:

Activity: media relations and brand messaging

Objective: Primary: Promote Yorkshire-based independent designers who sell their collections through, while at the same time supporting SEO and driving traffic to the online boutique. Secondly: Link the brand ‘Fashion Pony’ with A-list celebrities to develop the brand identity on a national level.

Strategy: To achieve the primary and secondary objectives an online and offline media relations campaign was launched. The offline activity was targeted towards regional publications, which included the re-launched issue (March 19) of Yorkshire Post’s style magazine, the fashion pages on the Sheffield Star and other lifestyle publications.

The online campaign involved getting the client linked with celebrities. This was achieved by generating a statement from the client commenting on the recent Grammy Awards and the outfits worn by J-Lo and Stacy Ferguson from the Black Eyed Peas. The statement also made reference to designs worn on the catwalk, to collections available to buy from

Outcome: Following a carefully made phone call to a contact at the Yorkshire Post, and several emails supplying copy and photographs, the Yorkshire Post agreed to include the client in the re-launch issue and coverage in other regional titles was agreed within upcoming issues – this activity was conducted over a few days at the beginning of March with coverage confirmed to be published from March 19.

For the online campaign a comment was produced for the client and issued to a number of digital fashion/celebrity news channels, including style forums and fashion blog sites. The following morning the statement was referenced across several online media platforms and a Google search highlighted references to several hundred hits by 11am.

So, here’s my question, based on the outcome and the activity involved, which would you consider to be the hare, and which would you consider to be the tortoise?

It’s worth pointing out the online channels were also used for the primary objective ;)

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  1. Thanks for post. I will keep more interesting publications. Been following blog for 6 days now and I should say I am beginning to like your posts.

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