When life throws you a curve ball, quit?

I like to think I don’t put up with many negative situations. So when it came to another professional life change I had two options – sit there and moan, or, get up, dust myself down and get on with things – I picked the former; only kidding – it had to be the latter.

Just under two weeks ago a regular pr gig ended unexpectedly. In a way this can be seen as a good thing, in the sense that after hitting your head against a brick (#stupid) wall commonsense soon tells you to stop it and change direction. But on the other side it was: ARGH!

Anyway, not one to dwell on a negative and after a few days in the Lakes pondering my next move, I decided to get busy, made new professional friends and started to get things sorted in order to plot a new chapter in my professional life – hopefully anyway.

Ever since I started in public relations I have always understood several key things. The first being that the CIPR is to a degree a waste of membership fees; spin doctors are glorified liars and, there are two types of pr people – those who understand and practice public relations in its truest and broadest sense, and those who believe pr stands for press release. You know who you are – #stupid!

A lot of pr people will say clients are the biggest pain, but I would completely disagree with this statement; in fact I would agree with a lot of  clients who say when it comes to public relations, pr people can be the biggest pain! In general some pr people have a terrible habit of over egging everything, or even worse think a press release will solve everything – NO IT WILL NOT!

Sorry, I got a little carried away then ;)

The fact is public relations is whatever tool it has to be, through whatever medium it needs to be – be it print media, social media or through a physical action – it’s both a reactive a proactive activity. To me there are four primary indicators that decide the appropriate method and process. These are:

  1. Objective
  2. Message
  3. Audience
  4. Channel

It’s that simple, to me anyway.

I will say however, what shocks me more than pr’s thinking pr stands for press release is those who refuse to accept change and therefore refuse to embrace it – I’m talking of course about digital pr and its many wonderful benefits. I equate these types to babies who refuse to try new food types – they will, albeit kicking and screaming have to eventually, otherwise later in life find themselves getting kicked out of restaurants after ordering breast milk!

Anyway, back to the original narrative of this blog. After spending several months working with a small agency I once again found myself out in the cold. But in true Kelly fashion, and indeed with true British resolve, I found myself not sitting there moaning, but instead, I got up and got on with it, which so far, is proving productive and possibly financially sustainable – fingers and legs crossed.   

So, if you or anyone you know is looking for creative public relations across traditional, digital and social media channels…talktojason!

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  1. Jono Marcus says:

    nice post sir!

  2. Your four points are spot on and often ignored.

    Just been networking today and another BIG national PR company was there. Didn’t think it was there gig really.

    The difference in approach between he and I was stark.

    He tried to encourage people to do business by telling people how great his company was and how they dealt with lots of big companies (to a room full of SMEs).

    My approach is to ask them to think about what is great about the business and whether their customers/audience knew about them.

    PR bridges this gap by using the businesses strategic objectives as a starting point and understanding the company values.

    Good on you and good luck.

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