‘Bong’ followed by ‘zoom’

The past 14 days have been…well, let me sum it up in two words: ‘bong’ and ‘zoom’!

The ‘bong’ comes from a regular pr gig coming to a sudden end and the ‘zoom’ comes from winning two accounts and the building of a professional relationship with an integrated creative agency based in Harrogate. It’s probably best described as being shown the door only to walk through it to find the grass is actually greener!

Other ‘bongs’ this week also include going to the barbers and asking for a little off the top, only for the barber to translate my request into: “short back and sides please.” Argh!

Another ‘zoom’ could also be the possible growth of …talktojason – think big that’s what I say. Could 2011 be the year for the launch of a new, progressive agency – even though so many agencies are suffering and unfortunately closing!?!

The past 14 days have also passed so quickly! I’m not sure about anyone else, but it feels as though the 14 days have been squashed into just seven; or is this just because I’ve been so busy?

Oh, and another ‘zoom’ which is less to do with my professional existence, but more to do with my personal ambition of becoming a landscape gardener; well, actually an enthusiastic DIY wannabe who intends to design and then create a magnificent external eating area in the back garden – I like to call it a gardeners homage to Vincent van Gogh, or even better, Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe, one of the 20th century’s leading landscape architects. I thought I would throw that name in so it appeared I knew about the world of landscape gardening, when in fact I just Google: famous names in the world of landscape gardening!

So here’s hoping next week will be as good (zoom), if not better than the last 14 days. Here’s also hoping my homage to van Gogh becomes a good idea and not a really bad – foolish and expensive mistake!

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