A brick wall + seagrass + cloud spotting = Ideals innovation :)

I spent most of the recent Bank Holiday weekend in the garden, which turned out to be very productive.

First of all I built a wall using reclaimed Yorkshire stone. It’s a small wall (minuscule), but a wall nonetheless. I even painted the club house and shed using ‘Seagrass’ – it’s a green/ grey colour – very nice!

I also kept child #3 and #4 company in the garden, watching them run around, dig and play house – they decided not to use the newly painted club house though. Instead, they emptied the club house of all its cushions and placed them on the patio!?!

During my time in the garden, in between dodging missiles (balls, bats – the odd doll) and finishing off a book, i looked up at the sky observing the odd plane flying by while also watching clouds float past the house (reads like an idealistic extract from a book doesn’t it).

Anyway, it was during my cloud spotting activity that I had some eureka moments – well, actually three. Each one focusing on the use of aggregators for online campaigning – truly brilliant! Not only would my ideas help generate and indeed increase customer engagement, but they would also help track the success of the online campaigns, whilst supporting the SM, SN and digital platforms being used throughout the course of the campaigns – all in the name of brand perception.

So my advice to anyone looking for ideal innovation is to get up, go outside and look up at the sky and let the inspiration come to you. It will, just give it time.

There, a small but informative blog post to help you pass five minutes while commuting to work – good luck with that by the way – I’ll be in the garden feeling smug and watching more clouds float past ;)

Oh and sorry, I can’t tell you about the ideas or the client – both on a need to know basis – sorry ;)

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