How can you tell you’re having a mid-life crisis?

Anyone know?

I’m a little bit worried because truth be told, I can’t afford a mid-life crisis; I can’t even afford a ‘mid…’ not to mention a ‘mid-life’.

This year I turned 21 *cough* ;) so any day now I’m sure I’ll start to get the urge to buy a Porsche or a Harley-Davidson. Unfortunately, unless they’re a model then neither will be parked on my drive any day soon, unless of course more companies and ad agencies want to …talktojason – hint, hint ;)

Anyway, instead I’ve started to consider growing a beard – my attempt at a designer stumble, and I’ve even changed the contents of my wardrobe. Moreover, I caught myself standing in Boots the other day reading the backs of skin creams for anti-wrinkle care and anti-aging treatments for eyes. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s not something I did before.

Also, I’ve taken the opinion that my body is a temple (more like an old ruin) and started working out more – lifting weights that are actually heavier than I should really be picking up, but I stand in front of the mirror anyway refusing to acknowledge the fact. I also go on the cross trainer for longer than I use to do when I was 20 *wink*

Am i having a mid-life crisis, or am i just adapting to recent changes in my professional life? I no longer have to commute to Skipton in the morning, or have responsibility for looking after other agencies’ pr teams. Instead I’ve taken to building the next ‘big’ thing in creative pr: …talktojason – fingers and legs crossed!

So what are the signs? Are there any, or am I suffering from boredom and a lack of drive. No, it can’t be that because I’ve plenty of energy, lots of ambition and I still love pr – in fact it might be why I consider myself to be really good at it; no, that’s not egotism, but assertiveness, or something like that – honest!

Maybe I am having a mid-life crisis, but a poor man’s version of one. I would really prefer the Harley-Davidson though, so if there are any secret millionaires out there…”Hello, poor man needs help, or anti-aging cream at least.”

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