With digital pr they won’t floor your competition!

Fancy reading something inspirational – something with depth, substance and vision? Well then, read on ;) 

Jason Kelly, founder of digital pr agency ‘…talktojason’ and associate pr director at Aspect PR, explores why the flooring industry should be utilising digital pr tricks to support their sales and marketing programmes to protect market share. That’s me by the way;)

Although not a sales tool, digital public relations, if used correctly can add tremendous weight to any campaign, for any company within any sector – including the flooring industry.

The once perceived benefits associated with traditional (offline) advertising, and to some extent, traditional sales programmes are failing to engage with audiences because consumers’ appetites for real time, mobile news feeds have changed and so have their attitudes towards the way in which they react and respond to advertising – the ‘one way communication process’ no longer works in this digital media age and consumers do not respond to traditional advertising messaging in the way they use to.

This however is where non-traditional public relations and digital media channels are able to shine due to their ability to communicate key messages that engage with specific audience types in a way that encourages positive reactions, which in turn develops brand awareness and ultimately, brand loyalty.

A prime example for the effectiveness and speed of digital public relations compared to delivering messages through traditional media is when a recent campaign to support the launch of a new business was put in place. The company was looking for immediate coverage to support its launch. A press release was issued to traditional titles and subsequently published a week later when the magazines and newspapers went to press. However, the same news item, albeit written in a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly way, was issued at 9:30am on the Monday, and by 1:30pm on the same day was published across a series of online e-magazines and forums – the piece also ranked in second, third and fourth place on Google the following day – supporting Search Engine Ranking Page (SERPs); helping to generate website traffic through organic search terms.   

Unlike traditional advertising and public relations programmes, digital pr can communicate multiple messages that appeals to the ‘digital consumer’, one which prefers to view a company’s website before making any buying decision while at the same time engaging in conversations with that particular organisation and thus, driving sales and even helping to spread the word to their family and friends.

It’s also worth noting that within the framework of digital pr sits social media, which has become a very powerful tool in any corporate armoury. Flooring companies for example can use social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter to drive sales and increase positive brand messaging just like those being employed by the likes of Nike and BMW.

Digital pr is a strong and powerful practice that directly supports any company’s need for sales growth, brand awareness and even short-term promotion campaigning. It is also one of the most proactive communication tools to be used during difficult economic trading times because of its flexibility and adaptability compared to traditional public relations, advertising and even marketing practices.

Online publications, which have now started to dominate many consumer and trade sectors, are also seeing strong growth in readership figures, with ad spend by companies increasing, while traditional publications are seeing advertising revenues drop. Yes, there are and will also be customers who buy and read traditional media titles, but digital communication channels are here to stay, and those companies who exploit their pull of consumer audiences will ultimately be the companies who grow.

Thank you to Tomorrow’s Flooring (pg 42)

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