It’s official, my name is Jason Kelly and i’m a macaholic – and proud!

What I’m I talking about? Well, my iPhone, my iPod and now the new addition to my Mac family…my MacBook Pro :)


Not only does my iPhone leave other phones looking effectively like bricks – don’t argue…blah, blah, blah – can’t hear you; but my iPod is the best thing since the discovery of fire, and my MacBook Pro has to be without doubt ‘the’ best PR tool in the world…no, the universe! Its effective, fast, not to mention slick…hehe!


So, I think the saying is spot on: “Once you go Mac, you never go back!”


I know when it comes to technology, it’s very much horses for courses, but for someone trying to get a business off the ground, or trying to grow an agency – particularly in the creative sector, it’s important to have the kit that helps you deliver the results your clients needs. Plus, it also helps if the tools of your trade look the dogs…:)

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