Daddy day care

This weekend I decided it would be good to give my long suffering other half a break – some ‘her’ time – so I launched operation Daddy Day Care!

Ever heard the phase: “Hindsight is a wonderful thing’?

My youngest child (child#4) and I went to pick up child#3 from school, and then waited for child#2 and child#1 to get home from high school.

After a quick head count I declared that I was cooking dinner, at which point they erupted in to screams of delight. I should explain the kids knew I meant ‘McDonalds.’

So, after the gang consumed more than their body weight in burgers, fries and donuts, we headed back to the ranch to crash in front of the TV to watch endless amounts of kids programmes, which I have to admit can be entertaining – Fireman Sam and Peppa Pig rock by the way!

But then slowly, but surely my plan of having a blissful evening soon became short lived. First child#4 thought it would be really funny to empty all of the boxes of toys by throwing the contents around the living room – much to the annoyance of child#3 who was trying to make dinner in her toy kitchen – she was making spaghetti and peas with a side serving of apple!

At this point the vocal pronouncements from child#3 – directed at child#4 started to grate on the older two: child#1 and child#2, who were trying to watch TV – so I was left sitting on one of the settees listening to screams, shouts and crying coming from three directions – I swear the glass in the windows started to make cracking noises!

After successful defusing the situation with an assortment of snacks, child#3 started to show signs of exhaustion, which, for a five-year old can lead to semi-violet outbursts and extreme tantrums:( So I did the only strategic thing I could think of; I declared it was “bed time” – yep, that old chest nut always works – on the younger two anyway – the older two (child#1 and child#2) just looked at me until I blinked first!

So, finally child#3 is in bed falling asleep after a hard day at primary school, while child#4 – the youngest – is settled on one of the settees with me, slowly and reluctantly falling asleep.

The evening carried on with ‘Daddy Day Care’ and child#1 and child#2 watching a series of Friends – I swear Jennifer Aniston still fancies me;)

I guess my point is that I thought trying to launch a new PR agency, with everything that entails was really hard – enjoyable – brilliant – but hard work – but I’ve got to confess it’s a lot easier than trying to manage four children at once.

For one thing, clients give you a sporting chance, unlike a three, five, 11 and 13 year olds!

Oh, other half, enjoy your down time – because I’m going to be shutting Daddy Day Care down and handing them back very soon so I can get on building the greatest PR agency in the world – that would be ‘…talktojason’ by the way ;)

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