Daddy day care: part 2

Sat watching Rapunzel (Disney Tangled) – it’s the only thing keeping them silent. Well, the girls anyway – the boy child is up in his room playing with his iPod – I hope!

This morning I woke up to find child#3 and child#4 sleeping in the bed – I could have sworn I put them both back in their own beds last night – at least twice!?!

Their presence in the bed would also explain why I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been sleeping on a bed of nails! It would also explain why I just found myself sat watching Rapunzel – without realising it – why is it the sidekicks are always the funniest?

The morning however, was planned to military precision: First child#2 – the oldest of the three girls sorted the breakfast out for all four of them – can I point out I didn’t pick her to do the breakfast because she’s a girl – she’s the only one I can trust to get it done with minimum fuzz. After they had finished their breakfast I sent boy child (child#1) to the shop for eggs and bread – I was going to treat myself to poached eggs on toast but the children figured this out and declared that they were still hungry and loved eggs on toast: “Mummy makes us them all the time.”

Which reminds me, I should actually stop watching Rapunzel and make myself some breakfast and the children bunch.

I also need to think of a strategy for today because I was planning on letting the kids annoy the neighbours by kicking them out into the garden for the day – but the rain has put a stop to my master plan. So what to do – how can I keep four over active – ruthless children occupied from now until bedtime?

One thing I have noticed since I launched operation Daddy Day Care, is that child#4 uses the potty a whole lot more when Mummy’s not here – I swear the child is testing me!

Well, Rapunzel has finished and the noise is starting to reach ear-bleeding levels so best get breakfast/bunch sorted:(

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