Some benefits of Google+

Google+ promises easier communication between small groups, but does the giant, Facebook, have any need to sweat that its 750 million members will abandon the site?

So what does Google+ have to offer?


Some of its features include:


Circles allow you to divide your friend list into Google’s Circles. Perhaps a “circle” for parents or friends, or work colleagues — status updates can be shared with particular circle.



Huddle is a text-messaging system, which allows multiple users to communicate all together. It allows you to send one message that will go to all others in the group huddle.


Hangouts allow you to alert friends that they want to chat by video. You can log into ‘Hangouts’ and chat with many people at once or on a one-to-one basis. Facebook doesn’t offer this feature – yet!


Sparks is a content feed that streams from various interests that users type into a search engine.

For the time being I don’t think Google+ will be a huge threat to Facebook, but it will allow those who are not Facebook fans, or those looking for an alternative to have another usable option.

It will however, be interesting to see how Google and Facebook compete with each long-term because it can only to the benefit of the user.

It’s also worth noting that some of the functions offered by Google+ in particular Sparks/Circles/Huddles will be very useful marketing tools.

What do you think?


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